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Humanities & the Digital Age

In 2015-2016 the Humanities and the Digital Age series will allow us to explore areas of convergence between the humanities and the digital, to consider digital’s at once creative and disruptive potential, and to imagine future territory to be prospected. There will be a series of provocative debates, multidisciplinary panels, and ethical discussions, alongside Apps at Lunchtime, hackathons, Wikipedia edit-a-thons, online events and experiences, and focusing TORCH’s flagship Book at Lunchtime series to frame discussions around the latest digital developments.

The series will forge new collaborations within and beyond Oxford (including with digital humanities leaders from all parts of the globe), and develop projects with non-university partners. 

We welcome ideas for interdisciplinary, research-led activities around this theme.

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Book at Lunchtime: Arcadia

Richard Beard, Alex Butterworth, Iain Pears, Sophie Ratcliffe and Emily Short discuss interactive fiction

Finding Wonderland

Robert Douglas-Fairhurst explores how every generation has created its own Wonderland, and why we are still so curious about Alice’s dreamworld

Knowledge Machines

A Book at Lunchtime discussion exploring how digital technologies are transforming research practices in the humanities and sciences