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Colleen Curran

Postdoctoral Research Assistant and Junior Research Fellow


  • Insular Palaeography & Manuscript Culture (especially Anglo-Saxon England)
  • The Morphology of Insular Script, especially early Breton, Cornish, and English scripts 
  • Continental Influences in Anglo-Saxon Script and Poetry

I work primarily on the morphology of script in Anglo-Saxon England and the physical representation of Anglo-Saxon poetry (Old English and Anglo-Latin) in the surviving manuscripts. I am particularly interested in Continental influences on Anglo-Saxon literary culture, including poetic themes, vocabulary, and sources, as well as manuscript production. My primary research examines the adoption of Caroline minuscule across those geographic areas that previously used Insular script, and why/when/how scribes acquired Caroline minuscule. My PhD ('Changing the Tradition: The Morphology of Nascent Insular Caroline Minuscule in Tenth-Century Britain'; King's College London, 2017) examined the process through which Caroline minuscule was adopted specifically in tenth-century Britain (focusing on material largely from England and Cornwall, but also examined Welsh and Breton material). 

Within the scope of the CLASP project, I am working on the Anglo-Latin poetic corpus, with a specific focus on the Continental transmission of Anglo-Latin authors. I am also interested in those Continental scholars who composed verse in tenth-century England, especially Frithegod.